The Long Room: A Start

The third bedroom is the last major room in our house to get any sort of attention, and it’s been a dumping ground of sorts. I’ll be able to get the piano from my mother’s house that I learned to play on, so I wanted to get things started by putting on a new coat of paint. Clearly this whole space needs a lot of work, but I think it has a lot of potential given the size of it and all the natural light.

Here’s the view when you come in the doorway for the room. I’d like to keep the desk and bookcases in the same general space, but will probably upgrade the bookcases and the chair in the future. I’d like the area where the twin bed currently is to be a comfortable seating and reading area.

winter 2015 287

This is the view from the desk area. I’m planning on putting the piano on the left back wall, and then putting a sleeper sofa or something like the Ikea Hemnes Daybed that can work as guest space when we have people to visit. For now I’ve also set up my yarn and some other craft stuff on the right side.

winter 2015 285

The white bookcase Sam bought from Goodwill and the wood one is pretty broken, but my stepdad gave it to me for free. The desk is my former dining room table that I moved from the kitchen nook space, where it was clearly way too large. I think it’ll end up doing nicely here for now!

winter 2015 282

I definitely need to get rid of the valances here, because they definitely aren’t my style. (Although they appear to be lovingly handmade!). I included this picture because the blossoms on the tree outside are really beautiful, and really crazy for February.

winter 2015 280

We painted all the existing Behr paints we had to test with. The Classic Silver is our living room color and the Grape Creme is the small bedroom color. It’s crazy how different (and wrong) the living room color looked in here. We narrowed it down to Gray Morning and Contemplation. We ended up choosing Gray Morning and I’ll show the first half painted in the next post.

winter 2015 294

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