Pizza (or A Fine Place to Start)

Pizza Margherita

This past weekend I had a whole host of people from my ultimate frisbee team at my dad’s vacation home on an island in the Puget Sound. We had planned this for probably three months and I was wiped out when the time came. I mentioned in my past post that I had recently finished a big project at work. Well it was a BIG project and I’ve gotten very little sleep the last month. As we ramped up for our launch, I also put an offer on a house and bought it! I launched something huge on Tuesday at work and stayed up all night and Wednesday to monitor, I signed all the paperwork for the house on Thursday, and we left for our retreat on Friday. Monday I got the keys to my house. It’s been a huge week. I collapsed Saturday afternoon and succumbed to a cold for the rest of the weekend. I’ll give some more details of the house later!

Luckily, this pizza was made Friday night and prepped earlier in the week when I used a cooking spree to decompress from the stress of house buying and website launching.

I made the tomato sauce on Tuesday and froze it for use that weekend. The pizza dough I literally made while on the phone with my aunt in 5 minutes using my food processor. It was refrigerated and then rose in the car on the way up. We then assembled the pizzas and baked them on a pizza stone at 500-550F. We sort of threw random stuff together with red sauce and mozzarella: salami, sauteed mushroom and onions. Margherita (basil, tomato, mozzarella). Sauteed zucchini with mushroom and onions. Even a dairy-free Romesco Pizza with Carmelized Onions and Squash that Steph contributed the toppings and sauce for. The sauce was very delicious and I didn’t miss the cheese one bit! It uses almonds so it’s actually fairly rich.

Tomato Sauce
The tomato sauce comes from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s New York Style Pizza Sauce.

Tomato Sauce

Pizza dough
The pizza dough also comes from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. His New York Style Pizza Dough is awesome. He recommends weighing it out but I usually just go by cups and it works alright. One of my pizza crusts was noticeably tastier and stretchier than the other so obviously there’s an optimal way to measure the ingredients. This was by far the best pizza dough I’ve made before and now I have an itch to improve upon it and try different things. It’s a great pizza dough recipe to start from.

summer 003

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