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The small bedroom painted!

2014-11-22 19.22.28

I tackled painting the small room before Thanksgiving! I was thinking of doing a DARK color like blue or grey but everyone was against it: Sam, my mom, my sister. Sam suggested a purple and at first I wasn’t sure. I got samples for Behr’s Lavender Champagne and Grape Creme. The Grape Creme ended up being the winner! It’s the perfect purple/grey and was a nice compromise between Sam and I. It’s also more towards the dark side so it made me happy too!

Figured it’d be an easy paint job to knock out, but as I needed to do trim, ceiling, doors, and the walls it actually took me a few hours over the course of several days. West Wing used to be my go to painting show but I finished it. I started watching Scandal and pretty much finished the short first season while painting.

Of course I didn’t take good before/after pictures. I took these after I had painted the trim. Before I painted it white, it was painted the same yellow as the walls. You can also see we originally oriented the bed along the wall under the window.

2014-11-16 21.13.24

2014-11-16 21.13.58









Here are the rest of the after shots. I moved the bed so the headboard was on the wall with the window. I think that really improved the room!

2014-11-22 19.24.15

I took a look at the random pile of paintings and pictures we have that came from our previous places or from stuff my parents had. I grabbed this Ikea print that was framed and the colors look good in the room! I’d like to add some more art in the room but didn’t have anything that seemed quite right in the pile at this point.

2014-11-22 19.23.20

2014-11-22 19.23.00
2014-11-22 19.24.41