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We got a new rug for the living room! And it ended up being quite the saga. I’ve learned the past few months that it is really TOUGH to find the right rug. I think it’s even harder than choosing a paint color (and more expensive)!

2014-12-03 17.58.02

Since upgrading our sofa and living room paint color, I’ve been looking for another rug to replace the dark blue one. The dark blue one is fine but just looked too dark. Sorry for the bad phone quality on the picture. It was just a phone pic I shot when we got the rug delivered


And here’s a reminder of what we were working with after we painted!
2014-04-06 18.58.30 Living room Full

I was originally looking at a bunch of different geometric styles online and in person.

I really loved some of the rugs in West Elm, specifically liked the Vines Wool Rug. For some reason Sam HATES this rug. I think the berber texture of the rug just isn’t his style.

West Elm Vine Rug

We ended up ordering a Pottery Barn rug, but shipping was very expensive so ended up cancelling the order. We were a little afraid the blue-ness of it wouldn’t be the right shade in person, but liked the geometric print.

We then ordered this RugsUSA rug and had it delivered. It actually looked good and seemed like good quality… but something didn’t seem quite right to us. On the right is the picture I took with my phone when we rolled it out partway. It just didn’t feel like it belonged in our home for some reason.




I then tried to sell it on Craigslist and internally within my company’s for sale mailing list, and had an unsuccessful and time consuming attempted sale. Now it looks like one of my close friends wants it for her living room so it’ll all work out! Rugs USA actually has a good return policy. I would justĀ have to pay for shipping back, but figured I’d try to avoid the hassle of the packing it up again and shipping it. In retrospect, it would have been easier to pay the return shipping fee rather than deal with a few different potential rug buyers.

I thought that maybe the reason something more “modern” didn’t look right at our place was because both Sam and I are used to see more traditional rugs at our mother’s houses. My mom found this rug on craigslist for $280 and we ended up getting it to see if it would work in the space. It feels cozy and homey to us right now and it ended up being a pretty cheap option! It’s in great condition and 100% wool, which was something I was looking for. My mom even said she’d buy it off of me for her cabin when it’s completed if we didn’t like it. All in all, I think it’s a win! It is really traditional though and when I showed a coworker she said “It looks like grandma’s house!”

It has really grown on us over the week. It’s pretty muted in tone and has some light shades of blue and green that work well with the walls and some of the art in the room.

2014-12-03 17.58.02

Here are some more pictures of our living room. We got Sam’s grandmother’s watercolors framed. I’ll probably try to include close ups of those in another post, but they look wonderful over the couch and we’re so happy to have them up.

2014-12-03 17.58.56

2014-12-03 17.59.16

The living room is really coming together well and there’s not much more to improve! There are a few more things it would be nice to do:

  • new lamp for the side table by the door – the current one was my bedside lamp from the dorms and doesn’t give quite enough light
  • new throw pillows
  • a wall sconce for reading above the corner of the sofa
  • a fireplace insert – my father has one that we can have, we just need to transport it over and get someone to install it

There are a few things longer term we’ll want to change in the room:

  • recessed lighting or track lighting. The living room gets so dark!
  • media console – the Expedit works great and looks fine but it’d be nice to get something with a little more oomph and style some day!