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Kitchen Nook Progress

IMG_20150103_113547_582IMG_20150103_113513_599My house was built in the 50s, but the area off the kitchen was built in the 90s and was built from garage space. Our garage is laughably narrow so it was probably actually a good thing that they took this space from the garage. The kitchen nook has been on of the most neglected place in our home so far. It’s been a dumping ground for stuff that doesn’t quite fit in the kitchen or hasn’t been put in the garage yet. The pictures on the right show that it’s been in a haphazard state: too big dining room table moved in their once we bought one for the dining room, mismatched chairs, random lamp, and random stuff on the table. I’m also not a fan of the light green paint that extended from the kitchen to here.

I knew I wanted to paint it a clean white. Since this room gets a lot of light, the white would work. Small, dark rooms don’t do well with white because the white tends to get grey and dirty. Here’s the result!

winter 2015 308

I bought the bench on craiglist for $75. It actually has a corner part you can see above, but since that didn’t have a leg for support we didn’t want to attach it until we could build something. It’s clearly handmade and fairly sturdy, and the seats have some shallow storage space in the bench seat. The table I bought a bit later on craigslist for $50. It’s very sturdy and it’s got two small fold down leaves.

winter 2015 309

I also took some leftover paint from the kitchen and repainted this little IKEA cabinet that was left in the house when we moved in and was originally painted the same light green color as the previous walls in this space. It now ties in nicely with the kitchen. You can see my silly outfit in the reflection of the cabinet in this picture!

winter 2015 307

I’m not sure about what to do in this space in the corner. The kitchen cart fits there, but I’m thinking of putting some shelving above it to hold my cookbooks, which are currently living in the dining room. The room also needs some art to break up the blank walls. Here you can see the great view into the back yard!

winter 2015 312 This space is also a bit of a mystery. It currently has this wire frame set of drawers that we moved from the garage to make way for some more space, but it definitely doesn’t fit or belong here. I’m considering putting some sort of pot/pan storage as it’s too narrow. I’m looking at a few different options like shelves or hooks or a pegboard.

winter 2015 310


The Kitchen Repainted

winter 2015 317

I painted the kitchen a long time ago, but never posted anything. It’s not terribly exciting, but makes me happier than the light green that was there before. The before picture of the light green-ish paint is below.
before kitchen

I wanted to paint some sort of COLOR in the kitchen, since a lot of other things are fairly neutral. I ended up getting a sample of the Behr paint Bayside to try out and liked it enough to buy some to paint.

Overall I do like it better than the green (which was also painted on the laundry room door seen below), but I don’t think it’s quite right for the long term. Long term we’d probably do some kitchen remodel. Probably paint or reface the cabinets, new countertop, redo the floor since some of the parquet got a bit water damaged from the beer fridge in the kitchen nook. We don’t be looking at renovating for a while though, because the kitchen is perfectly usable and we’re fairly happy with it right now.


winter 2015 315

winter 2015 316

I think the Bayside color does look good with the grey in the dining room, and flows fairly well. It was really tough figuring out a color that would go with the warm wood color of the kitchen, and I think I did an alright job in injecting some fun, and getting rid of the light green paint I didn’t like.

winter 2015 319