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Painting the Living Room (Before and After)!

dining before and after

living room before and after

I bought a house in June of last year and FINALLY got around to painting the living room this weekend. The house was very well taken care of by the previous owner, but the paint color choices are definitely not what I would have chosen. It’s been somewhat livable this whole time, but I underestimated how great it would feel to have it done and looking more our style.

Here’s the before. I think the paint color was some sort of cream/peach combination (sorry for the bad quality in the before picture, it was my phone camera)

Dining Room Before

Living Room Before

On Friday night, our two friends Michael and Stillman came over to help Sam and I. We cleared out all the furniture in the room except for the couches, entertainment center, and the bookcase, which we covered with drop clothes. We then went painted one coat of Behr Ultra Pure White on the ceiling and one coat of Behr Classic Silver on the walls. We ended around midnight and made a late night Dick’s run before dropping the boys at their apartments.

The next morning Sam and I woke up and it looked very BLUE. Sam was convinced that I got the wrong paint or mixed it up with the paint we made in the bedroom. We did the second coat together and then I did another coat on the ceiling and did one coat on the trim. I need to do another coat of the trim, but was too tired to do it this weekend. At least it looks a lot crisper!

Here’s the after! The befores were taken in the summer and it was a rather dreary afternoon here in a very rainy spring, but it’s definitely a positive change and I’m loving coming home to it!

4.6.2014 dining room

2014-04-06 18.58.30 Living room Full

I’d like to eventually get a new entertainment center (especially since the Expedit belongs to my sister Linnea). I’d also like to put a gallery wall around the TV to blend it in a little bit more. I think the fireplace would also look great with a different screen in front of it.

2014-04-06 18.58.59 TV Wall

The entry way is so much better than the arrangement I had when we first moved in, but it was a learning process. I’ll post about that original fail and the subsequent save of a craigslist purchase later. I think the only thing on the entryway is probably some art or decoration and then a new lamp!

2014-04-06 18.58.43 Entry

I’m feeling really happy about the arrangement of the furniture in the room, but with the new walls it’s definitely obvious that we’ll have to get new couches eventually. I’ve actually never bought a couch! The loveseat is a couch that’s been in the family a long time, and the sectional is a couch we got for free from some friends who were moving out of their house. It’ll definitely feel very adult to buy some (possibly new) furniture!

2014-04-06 18.59.24 Living Room Corner

Next steps for the living space:

  • New couch
  • New loveseat
  • New carpet (this one shows all the flecks)
  • Better lighting for the entry way
  • Art on the walls!
  • New doorknob on the closet door (the gold sticks out in a weird way)