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Wedding Cakes!

main cake

I got to make the cakes for the wedding I had the tasting for a while ago. We settled on five round cakes and three quarter sheet cakes.

The cakes we chose were:

  • Chocolate with Whipped Chocolate Ganache filling and Swiss Buttercream frosting
  • Chocolate with Raspberry Buttercream filling and Swiss Buttercream frosting
  • White with Raspberry Buttercream filling and Swiss Buttercream frosting
  • Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream filling and Cream Cheese frosting

all cakes

The week of planning looked something like this:
Sunday – buy all cake related ingredients
Monday – Bake all the white cakes (4 layers)
Tuesday – Bake all the chocolate cakes (6 layers)
Thursday – Bake all the pumpkin cakes (8 layers)
Saturday – make all the fillings and frostings and frost
Sunday – deliver to venue and eat

Luckily I had my friend Michele there to help out on Saturday and Sunday, which was really awesome! I made all the fillings/frostings and frosted the cakes. She did the embellishments and did the main part of putting them into a presentable state on Sunday. The wedding itself was a lot of fun, as a lot of our ultimate frisbee team was invited. I also caught the bouquet which was great, because people gave my boyfriend a lot of hassle about it!

Overall it was a good experience. I caught a bad cold that I didn’t get over until this week (and the wedding was two weekends ago), so it was a bit rough to get through for that reason. When all is sad and down though, I’d probably do it again! I’m still not sure I would commit to doing a larger tier or not though.